ACR Chairman Calls for Accreditation of RadOnc Providers

Mar 4, 2010 08:37 AM
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At a hearing on medical radiation conducted by the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee, E. Stephen Amis, MD, FACR and chair of the ACR Task Force on Radiation Done in Medicine called for “…accreditation of all facilities which bill Medicare for advanced medical imaging and radiation oncology services, including those in hospitals, to reduce the likelihood of adverse patient events and help assure a baseline quality of care nationwide,” according to a news release on ACR’s website (

While CMS will require such accreditation for providers that bill for advanced medical imaging services under Medicare part B as of 1/1/2012, that requirement does not include hospitals or radiation oncology.  Amis notes, “Patients have a right to expect the same quality of care regardless of the setting in which they receive it.”  Any accrediting body CMS chooses to determine such accreditation should be highly knowledgeable on radiology and radiation oncology, according to Amis’ comments to the committee.  He went on to note that a national CT registry like the one ACR has been working with the industry to develop should also be implemented.

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